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Sharpened Productions is a web and software development company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. We build websites and develop software programs with clean and simple design. In everything we do, our goal is to create a great user experience.

We believe the best design is original design. Therefore, we create each website from scratch and hand code each page. We use experimental methods to develop and implement the latest technologies into our websites. We prefer to pave our own path and push technology forward rather than follow the latest trends.

We believe the only content worth publishing is original content. Therefore, all the content on our websites is completely original and created by the Sharpened Productions staff. We do not copy others, but research and write 100% of our own content.

Like our websites, every software program we develop is unique, built from the ground up. We meticulously design each application to be user-friendly and error-free.


Sharpened Productions was formed in 2000 and officially incorporated in 2007. During the company's first several years, Sharpened Productions developed a wide range of websites for small businesses and organizations. We now focus on maintaining several of the web's leading technology websites. We hope that visiting our websites on a regular basis will help you "stay sharp."

In recent years, the Sharpened Productions team has also developed a number of software programs for Windows, OS X, and iOS. Our desktop software allows you to open and edit hundreds of different file types. Our mobile apps provide references that you can use without needing to be online. You can view a list of our current software projects on the software page.

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