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Sharpened Productions™ is a web and software development company based in Minneapolis, MN in the United States. The company was founded in 2003 and Sharpened Productions, Inc officially incorporated in 2007.

Our Mission

Sharpened Productions’ mission is to develop original, high-quality websites and software programs that are helpful and easy to use.

Who We Are

We are a team of detail-oriented engineers, designers, and content producers focused on creating quality products. We care about people and are committed to serving our users. We aim to be responsive, friendly, and professional in our communication with others. We treat everyone with respect, including fellow employees, clients, partners, and competitors.

What We Do

Our websites and software programs are designed to provide valuable information and products that will enable users to improve their knowledge of computer technology, perform a variety of functions like viewing, editing, and converting files, and educate them on computer programming, software development, and various technical terms.

What We Believe

At Sharpened, our #1 priority is the user experience. Everything we create, including each website and software program, is user-focused. With each decision, we ask the question, "How does this benefit the user?"

We believe original design is the best design. Therefore, we create each website from scratch and hand-code each page. We build a custom user interface for each software program to make the user experience as natural as possible. We are pioneers who pave our own path rather than following the latest trends.

All content on our websites is completely unique, researched and written by the Sharpened staff. We never copy others, but we research and write 100% of our own content. Like our websites, every software program we develop is unique, built from the ground up. We meticulously craft each application to be user-friendly and error-free.

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