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Our websites provide useful information on technology to help users understand programming, software development, and technical terms.

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The File Information Database provides information on more than 10,000 file extensions and their associated file types. Each file type record includes a detailed description of the file type and a list of programs that can open it.

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The Computer Dictionary is a dictionary of computer and Internet terms. Each definition uses language that is easy to understand. Most definitions include examples that make it easier to comprehend technical concepts. Icon

The Slang Dictionary is a slang dictionary that contains definitions of acronyms, abbreviations, and slang terms. Most definitions include the context of the term and an example of how the term is used in conversation. Icon

Your Personal Computing Resource is a free computing resource that started in 1999. It includes a glossary of computer terms, a database of file extensions, a list of online slang terms and emoticons, and a computing help center.