Legacy Software — this app is no longer actively maintained, but is available for free.

Supported File Types

Snap Converter supports the following image file formats (see supported camera models below):

File TypeFile Extension(s)Read/Write
JPEG Image .JPG, .JPEG, .JPERead, Write
PNG Image .PNGRead, Write
BMP Image .BMPRead, Write
GIF Image .GIFRead, Write
TIFF Image (single and multipage) .TIF, .TIFFRead, Write
JPEG 2000 Image .JP2, .JPX, .J2KRead, Write
TARGA Image .TGARead
macOS Icon File .ICNSRead, Write
Windows Icon File .ICORead
Windows Cursor File .CURRead
Portable Document Format (single and multipage) .PDFRead
Encapsulated PostScript .EPSRead
Photoshop Document .PSDRead
Adobe Raw .DNGRead
Canon Raw .CRWRead
Canon Raw 2 .CR2Read
Nikon Raw .NEFRead
Minolta Raw .MRWRead
Sony Raw .ARWRead
Olympus Raw .ORFRead
Panasonic Raw .RW2Read

Supported Camera Models

Snap Converter uses the macOS camera raw library for processing Camera Raw images. See the links below for your version of macOS (or OS X) to see if Snap Converter supports your camera model:

NOTE: Different camera models may store Camera Raw images using the same file extension, but with a different format. For example, while Sony Camera A and Sony Camera B may both use the *.ARW extension, they may use a different raw format.