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File Viewer for Android

Supported File Types

File Viewer for Android supports over 100 file formats, including PDFs, email files, audio and video files, images, archives, and more. For other types that are not supported, you can view file properties and other metadata by tapping the files in the file browser. Below is a list of file formats that File Viewer for Android natively supports.

Document.epubEPUB eBook
Document.pdfPDF Document
Email.datOutlook Email Attachment (winmail.dat)
Email.emlEmail Message File
Email.emlxEmail Message File
Email.mhtMHTML Web Archive
Email.msgOutlook Message File
Email.oftOutlook Message
Audio.aacAAC Audio File
Audio.flacFLAC Audio File
Audio.imyiMelody Ringtone File
Audio.m4aMPEG-4 Audio File
Audio.midMIDI File
Audio.midiMIDI File
Audio.mkaMatroska Audio File
Audio.mp3MP3 Audio File
Audio.oggOgg Vorbis Audio File
Audio.otaOTA Ringtone File
Audio.wavWave Audio File
Video.3gp3GP Video File
Video.mkvMatroska Video File
Video.mp4MPEG-4 Video File
Video.tsTransport Stream Video File
Video.webmWebM Video File
Archive.7z7-zip Archive
Archive.bz2Bzip2 Archive
Archive.gzGzip Archive
Archive.jarJAR Archive
Archive.tarTAR Archive
Archivetar.bz2Bzip2 TAR Archive
Archive.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive
Archive.tgzGzipped TAR Archive
Archive.zZ Compressed File
Archive.zipZip File
Camera Raw.arwSony Raw Image
Camera Raw.bayCasio Raw Image
Camera Raw.cr2Canon Raw Image
Camera Raw.crwCanon Raw Image
Camera Raw.dcrKodak Raw Image
Camera Raw.dngDigital Negative Image
Camera Raw.erfEpson Raw Image
Camera Raw.kdcKodak Raw Image
Camera Raw.mosLeaf Raw Image
Camera Raw.mrwMamiya Raw Image
Camera Raw.nefNikon Raw Image
Camera Raw.nrwNikon Raw Image
Camera Raw.orfOlympus Raw Image
Camera Raw.pefPentax Raw Image
Camera Raw.rafFuji Raw Image
Camera Raw.rawCamera Raw Image
Camera Raw.rw2Panasonic Raw Image
Camera Raw.rwlLeica Raw Image
Camera Raw.sr2Sony Raw Image
Camera Raw.srfSony Raw Image
Camera Raw.srwSamsung Raw Image
Camera Raw.x3fSIGMA Raw Image
Vector Image.svgScalable Vector Graphics File
Raster Image.bmpBitmap Image
Raster Image.ddsDirectDraw Surface Image
Raster Image.gifGIF Image
Raster Image.hdrHigh Dynamic Range Image
Raster Image.icoIcon File
Raster Image.iffInterchange File Format Image
Raster Image.jngJPEG Network Graphic
Raster Image.jp2JPEG 2000 Image
Raster Image.jpgJPEG Image
Raster Image.mngMultiple Network Graphic
Raster Image.pbmPortable Bitmap Image
Raster Image.pcdKodak Photo CD Image
Raster Image.pcxPaintbrush Bitmap Image
Raster Image.pfmPrinter Font Metrics File
Raster Image.pgmPortable Gray Map Image
Raster Image.pictPicture File
Raster Image.pngPNG Image
Raster Image.ppmPortable Pixmap Image
Raster Image.psdPhotoshop Document
Raster Image.rasSun Raster Graphic
Raster Image.sgiSilicon Graphics Image
Raster Image.targaTarga Image
Raster Image.tgaTarga Image
Raster Image.tifTIFF Image
Raster Image.tiffTIFF Image
Raster Image.wbmpWireless Bitmap Image
Raster Image.webpWebP Image
Raster Image.xbmX11 Bitmap Graphic
Raster Image.xpmX11 Pixmap Graphic
Source Code.cC Source Code File
Source Code.coffeeCoffee Script
Source Code.cppC++ Source Code File
Source Code.csC# Source Code File
Source Code.cssCascading Style Sheet File
Source Code.gradleGradle Source Code File
Source Code.groovyGroovy Source Code File
Source Code.hHeader File
Source Code.htmHTML File
Source Code.htmlHTML File
Source Code.iniWindows Initialization File
Source Code.javaJava Source Code File
Source Code.jsJavaScript File
Source Code.jsonJSON File
Source Code.ktKotlin Source Code File
Source Code.luaLua Source Code File
Source Code.mObjective C Source Code File
Source Code.makefileMakefile
Source Code.mdMarkdown File
Source Code.mkMakeFile
Source Code.phpPHP Source Code File
Source Code.plPerl Source Code File
Source Code.pyPython Script
Source Code.rbRuby Script
Source Code.shBash Script
Source Code.sqlSQL File
Source Code.swiftSwift Source Code File
Source Code.xhtmlXHTML File
Source Code.xmlXML File
Text.cfgConfiguration File
Text.confConfiguration File
Text.textText File
Text.txtText File
Web.htmHTML File
Web.htmlHTML File
Web.xhtmlXHTML File

Updated December 22, 2018

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